Q. Why choose Mark Pryor as your drum instructor?
With over 35 years of drum instruction experience, hundreds of students from ages 6 to 50+ years with experience ranging from beginner to seasoned-pro. Mark has a proven tract record with lessons tailored to meet the students’ needs. Mark is patient, organized and results oriented.

Q. How old should my child be to take drum lessons?
Although there are always exceptions to the rule, Mark has had the best experience with students that are a minimum of 6 years of age.

Q. As a parent may I sit in on my child’s lesson?
Absolutely yes! For students under 18 years of age it recommended that a parent be on premises during lessons, however, sensitivity to a student’s ability to concentrate and not feel under pressure by a parents presents should be considered. Mark has three grown children of his own and knows well the concerns of a parent.

Q. What education qualifications does Mark have to teach?
Along with many years of diverse real world performance experience Mark has studied privately with several Master Drummers for an accumulative time just shy of two decades. Mark studied jazz drumming with Henry Bellson, brother of famed big band drummer Louie Bellson. He studied funk with Master Drummer David Garibaldi of Tower of Power fame. Lastly, Mark studied with Master Drum Teacher Chuck Silverman in snare drum technique, funk grooves, and Latin rhythms. Mark enjoys life long learning.

Q. What can I expect from Mark's lesson?
Mark has a proven track, is passionate about teaching drums, and loves sharing his knowledge and experience of drumming. Lessons focus on the students’ wants but also the students’ needs. The goal is to impart skills that enable the student to become as successful as they want.

Subjects covered may include:

  • Drum Set (beat and rhythm development)
  • Reading and writing drum notation
  • Snare drum technique (Spivack method)
  • Rudimental studies
  • Coordination development
  • Drum transcription and quick charts
  • Development of time and meter

Q. Where does Mark Teach?
Mark's drum studio is conveniently located in Mission Viejo (South Orange County) just minutes from the freeway. In-home lesson may be arranged for an additional travel fee.

Q. Do I need a drum-set for in-home lessons?
Yes, in most cases, however, Mark does teach snare drum technique on a single surface instrument such as a snare drum of drum pad. If you do not own a drum set (which many people choose to buy after they have had several lessons) you may come to Mark's studio where drums sets are available for lessons.

Q. Can I still practice at my home if I don’t own a drum set?
Absolutely. There are many exercises that can be covered in your lessons that you will be able to practice at home with a practice pad and/or on your knee. Mark has taught many group and private lessons without a drum set by just using a “clap your hands and stomp your feet” method.

Q. How often should I practice outside my lessons?
Practice outside of lessons is essential if you wish to move forward on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Set aside time daily to practice according to your schedule. Regardless of available time, the main thing is to make your practice productive, and fun. Fifteen minutes of focused concentrated practice is better then 1 hour unfocused distracted practice.

Q. What do I need to bring to my drum lessons?
Yourself, a pair of drumsticks, and any sheet music that you have been given in previous lessons. Mark will show you how to keep your lessons organized. At times Mark's students will work from books that they have used with other teachers to get the most out of them without additional cost.

Q. How often should I attend drum lessons?
This really depends on your area and level of study. For beginners, Mark recommends one lesson per week or at minimum one lesson every two weeks. For advanced players who are focusing on specific areas of technique, you may wish to leave at least a two week break between lessons. This is to allow you enough time to absorb and practice what you have learned in your lessons.

Q. What are Mark's lesson policies?
Mark understands that from time to time, things come up and plans need to be changed. He will be as accommodating as possible in re-scheduling your lesson, but must charge a 100% cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson. On rare occasions Mark may have to change your lessons date/time. He will only do this if he can give you at least 24 hours notice or in the case of an emergency. In general, weekly or bi-weekly students need to be scheduled on Mark's roster in order to hold a lesson time and pay at the beginning of the month. Monthly students pay at the time of the lesson. Contact Mark for available lesson times.

Q. When can I or my child start lessons?
Right NOW! Contact Mark now for available times within his schedule.

Here to help you become the best drummer you can be with experience, knowledge and patients.

For more information, please contact Mark at 949-500-4775 or email at drums@pryors-place.com.

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